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Rubber Bonded To Metal Mouldings

We can offer a large range of Rubber Bonded To Metal Mouldings. The Rubber Company supply a wide range of products including: anti-vibration mounts, bobbins, rubber buffers, compression/shear mountings, sandwich mountings, engine mountings, cone mountings, ring mountings, flanged bobbin mountings.

The mounts are used as dampers for pumps, automotive applications, generator sets, marine use and compressors.

Typically, the process flow consists of:

  1. metal insert being cleaned and degreased
  2. drying the insert
  3. apply a primer coat
  4. wait for primer to dry
  5. application of the top coat
  6. wait for top coat to dry
  7. moulding of rubber over insert

The bond strength is obtained under pressure in compression, injection or transfer moulds. The Rubber Company are happy to bond customers free issue metal components as well as quote for a new rubber bonded to metal moulding.

The Rubber Company can manufacture rubber mouldings in a range of different materials inclduing: Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, SBR, and Silicone. Also in various grades to suit the application.


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