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High Compression Cork Sheeting

Item Code: RC0306-04
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Key Features

  • High quality material
  • High compression rates
  • Excellent fuel & oil resistance
  • Highly flexible & durable
  • Range of thicknesses available
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Available in sheets, cut strips & bespoke gaskets

Product Description

Our high compression cork sheeting is suitable for use in low to medium bolt pressure applications. It also features excellent anti-vibration properties for use as a gasketing material or as isolation pads. This particular rubber bonded cork material combines durable mechanical properties with flexibility in a single package. It provides compression rates between 30-50% while under 400psi of pressure. It also quickly recovers by over 80% after the pressure has been released. We supply this particular material in 1m x 1m sheets with thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 25mm a standard. Our manufacturing team can also cut the material into strips or manufacture bespoke gaskets to your exact requirements.

The combination of physical properties with oil and fuel resistance makes our high compression cork sheeting a highly versatile material. We regularly supply this material for use in automotive and manufacturing industries both as sheets and as bespoke gaskets. Our rubber bonded cork is lightweight and easy to install and handle. The material is also easy to cut on location using a variety of heavy duty cutting tools.


Application: Low & medium bolt pressure, Anti-vibration
Product: Synthetic Rubber Bonded Cork
Hardness (Shore A): 55º - 70º
Material: Synthetic Rubber / Cork
Colour: Black with cork points

Potential Applications

  • Low & medium bolt pressure
  • Anti vibration applications
  • Automotive gaskets
  • Industrial gaskets & barriers
  • Civil engineering industries
  • Manufacturing plants & production lines

Technical Data

Properties Values
Cork Granule Size 1mm to 2mm
Density 0.56 - 0.75
Tensile Strength
- Transversal Direction > 8 kg/cm
- Longitudinal Direction > 12 kg/cm
Compression (at 400 PSI) 30% - 50%
Recovery > 80%
Volume Change After Immersion
ASTM Oil 1 (70hrs @ 100ºC) -5% to +10%
ASTM Oil 3 (70hrs @ 100ºC) +10% to +40%
ASTM Fuel A (22hrs @ 23ºC) -2% to +10%
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