natural rubber sheet BS5400

Natural Rubber Sheet Bridge Bearing BS EN 1337/3

Item Code: RC0309
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Key Features

  • Excellent load bearing material
  • Good tear resistance
  • High elongation rates
  • Meets BS5400 pt 9 industry standard
  • Meets BS EN 1337-3 specification
  • Wide temperature range
  • Many sizes available from stock

Product Description

Our Natural Rubber Bridge Bearing sheet is a high-performance rubber that is often found being use4d for elastomeric bridge bearing pads. It is mainly used in the construction industry and is compliant with BS EN 1337-3. This product provides an improved tensile strength as well as a great elongation at break in comparison to other, standard grades of natural rubber.

Bridge bearing rubber is often used to avoid damage by movements, most commonly caused my thermal expansion or vehicular movement. The natural rubber sheeting is used between supports to reduce the reaction force and any bending movement that may be caused through general wear and tear, keeping the structure safe and prolonging its life.

Natural rubber is highly elastic and sufficiently soft meaning it is able to absorb and isolate energy from impacts and vibrations.


Application: Bridge bearing, High abrasion applications, Construction industries
Product: Bridge Bearing Rubber Sheeting
Hardness (Shore A): 60°
Material: Natural rubber
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Bridge bearing pads
  • High abrasion & wear applications
  • Protection pads
  • Highly demanding environments
  • Construction industries

Technical Data

Roll Sizes Weight (kg/m2) Specifications Compound Values
5mm x 1400mm x 10m 5.75 Compound NR
6mm x 1400mm x 10m 6.78 Density (Specific Gravity) 1.25 kg/m3
10mm x 1400mm x 5m 11.5 Tensile Strength 155 kg/cm2
15mm x 1400mm x 5m 16.95 Elongation at Break 400%
20mm x 1400mm x 5m 22.60 Tear Resistance 60 kg/cm
25mm x 1400mm x 5m 28.75 Abrasion Resistance 120 mm3
Minimum Temperature -20°C
Maximum Temperature +70°C
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