1 Ply Insertion Rubber Sheet

Item Code: RC0316
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Key Features

  • 1 ply cloth reinforced
  • Good strength & tear resistance
  • Prevents stretching
  • Long expected service life
  • Highly versatile material
  • Many sizes available from stock

Product Description

Black 1 Ply Insertion Rubber sheeting is a natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber blend with a polyester insertion to ensure that is has increased tensile strength and resistance against tearing. This rubber is commercial quality and is suitable for use in air, hot water and hydraulic services. Due to its versatility and overall great durability it is a great product to be used as a gasket material from its ability to handle high compression loads.


Application: High load compression applications, Hard wearing applications, General purpose
Product: 1 ply Insertion Sheeting
Hardness (Shore A): 65°
Material: Natural rubber / SBR, Polyester
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • High compression load applications
  • High strength skirts
  • Sealing strips
  • Rubber curtains
  • Abrasion resistant pads
  • Gaskets, strips & O-rings

Technical Data

Standard Roll Sizes Tolerance Specifications Compound Values
1mm x 1.4m x 10m +/‐ 0.2mm Colour Black
1.5mm x 1.4m x 10m +/‐ 0.3mm Compound NR/SBR
3mm x 1.4m x 10m +/‐ 0.3mm Density (Specific Gravity) 1.5 g/cm2
4mm x 1.4m x 10m +/‐ 0.4mm Hardness (Shore A) 65° ± 5°
5mm x 1.4m x 10m +/‐ 0.4mm Tensile Strength 3.5 N/mm2
6mm x 1.4m x 10m +/‐ 0.5mm Elongation at Break 300
Made To Order Tear Resistance 12 kg/cm
8mm x 1.4m x 5m +/‐ 0.7mm Compression Set (70°C for 22 hours) 43%
10mm x 1.4m x 5m +/‐ 1mm Minimum Temperature -20°C
15mm x 1.4m x 5m +/‐ 1mm Maximum Temperature +70°C
20mm x 1.4m x 5m +/‐ 1.4mm
25mm x 1.4m x 5m +/‐ 1.75mm
32mm x 1m x 1m -
38mm x 1m x 1m -
40mm x 1m x 1m -
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