commercial neoprene rubber sheeting

Commercial Neoprene Rubber Sheeting

Item Code: RC0318
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Key Features

  • Multi-functional rubber sheeting
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Good strength and abrasion properties
  • Cost efficient sheeting
  • Good resistance to animal and vegetable oils
  • Available in a wide variety of thicknesses

Product Description

This commercial neoprene rubber sheeting is an excellent, cost efficient material. This is our most popular neoprene sheeting for use in applications which don’t require additional levels of resistance. Despite this neoprene sheeting offering less resistance compared to the British Standard 2752 version it is still a high-quality product.

This particular neoprene sheeting offers excellent resistance to weathering as well as aging, which ensures that you can get a lot of use out of a single sheet. It is also resistant to inorganic salts, acids, ozone and animal and vegetable oils

Neoprene rubber sheeting commercial grade has excellent stretching capabilities while remaining strong enough to be elastic. The standard grade neoprene sheeting is ideal for day to day use, where the material is not exposed to abrasive chemicals and so less resistance is required. This makes it perfect for use as cost effective dust seals and protective barriers.


Application: Light use applications where the material will not be put under much stress
Product: Commercial Purpose Sheeting
Hardness (Shore A): 50°
Material: Neoprene / SBR
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • General purpose applications
  • Packing pieces
  • Dust seals
  • Protection pads
  • Decorative trim

Technical Data

Standard Roll Sizes Weight (kg/Mm2) Properties Values
1.5mm x 1.4m x 20m 1.88 Compound CR/SBR
2mm x 1.4m x 20m 2.50 Density (Specific Gravity) 1.45 g/cm3
3mm x 1.4m x 10m 3.75 Tensile Strength 40 kg/cm2
4mm x 1.4m x 10m 5.00 Elongation at Break 200%
5mm x 1.4m x 10m 6.25 Tear Resistance 18 kg/cm
6mm x 1.4m x 10m 7.50 Compression Set (24hrs @ 70°C) 40%
10mm x 1.4m x 5m 12.50 Minimum Temperature -30°C
12mm x 1.4m x 5m 15.00 Maximum Temperature +90°C
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