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RubbaGrip Anti-Slip Fabric

Item Code: RC0322
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Key Features

  • Provides good levels of grip
  • Toxin free & non-allergenic
  • Flame Retardant & UV stable
  • Biodegradable
  • Odourless
  • Safe for use on all surfaces
  • Hygienic & easy to clean (Machine Washable)
  • Easy to cut to size

Product Description

Our anti-slip fabric is highly versatile and cost efficient solution to provide a non-slip surface to a variety of objects as well as materials. We manufacture this material by applying our non slip foam to a polyester mesh. This enables us to create a product that provides excellent non-slip properties in a lightweight and flexible form factor. It also enables you to easily cut the sheeting to fit even the most complex objects and shapes. The foam we use is water resistant, which enables you to use it in areas that are occasionally exposed to water. This is particularly useful in marine or food and drink preparation applications. We supply our anti-slip fabric in two grades as standard:

RubbaGrip Standard – RC0322

This is our standard grade anti-slip fabric. It is slightly thicker than our fine mesh grade, which makes it more suitable for use with heavy and large objects. It offers superior gripping properties on both side of the fabric without being sticky or too stretchy. This makes it ideal for use in moving objects such as boats and vans as it prevents objects from being able to slide around.

RubbaGrip Fine – RC0322L

RubbaGrip Fine is a lower profile alternative to our standard RubbaGrip Fabric, you also have the option of adhesive backing with this grade. It is slightly thinner and lighter, which makes it ideal for use in small, intricate applications. We typically recommend this material when anti-slip properties are the priority over cushioning. This material is particularly popular upholstery and furnishing industries as it provides the products with an anti-slip finish without impacting the look or weight of the product.


Application: Reduce movement & keep objects safe in boats, cars & vans. Increasing grip on furniture
Product: Ant-Slip Fabric
Material: Foam & Polyester
RC0322 Colour: White, Black, Beige, Red and Blue
RC0322L Colour: White

Potential Applications

  • Cupboard & shelf lining
  • Under winch handles to reduce movement
  • Boot & van lining
  • Adding a non-slip finish to furniture
  • Increasing grip on handles
  • Storing equipment in bars & kitchens
  • Manufacturing & assembly lines

Technical Data

RubbaGrip Standard Properties Values RubbaGrip Fine Properties Values
Thickness 2.6mm Thickness 1mm
Standard Roll Sizes 182cm x 50cm, 25m x 50cm, 25m x 1m Standard Roll Sizes 1m x 137cm, 18.3m x 50cm, 18.3m x 1m
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