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Interlocking Foam Shock Pad

Item Code: PAD25
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Key Features

  • High quality perforated polyethylene bonded foam shock pads
  • Critical fall heights from 1.2m to 3m
  • Any existing surface may be considered suitable to install on
  • Excellent drainage
  • Puzzle system allows for quick & easy installation
  • Good insulation & sound absorption properties
  • Environmentally friendly

Product Description

Our puzzle lock foam shock pads are manufactured from perforated polyethylene bonded foam. Designed for use as an artificial grass shock pad underlay, primarily for safer surfaces in playgrounds. The foam shock pads absorb impact reducing the risk of injury and protecting children from falls. Critical fall heights tested to EN 1177 : 2008 from 1.2 metres up to 3 metres can be achieved using different thickness and layers of the fake grass underlay.

Many of our customers also use our foam shock pads as synthetic fake grass underlay for roof gardens, patios as well as commercial areas. Any application that is using artificial grass can benefit from the excellent insulation and sound absorption properties that our underlay provides.

Our underlay for artificial grass and astro turf also offers excellent drainage properties. As a closed cell material it will not absorb liquids and offers long lasting durability. This can significantly reduce drain times as well as increasing the life expectancy of both the astro turf and the underlay itself.

Different Tile Sizes

We supply the shock pad in 2 different sizes as seen in the drawings to the side. The larger size tile enables large surface area installations to be completed quickly. The smaller tiles are ideal for use on for small scale installations as well as domestic applications. These tiles are much easier to handle and also more efficient on transport cost.

The interlocking puzzle system allows for a quick and simple installation over both large and small areas. The puzzle system also serves to increase of the connection between the tiles. This greatly reduces the amount of adhesive required.


Application: Impact absorption in play areas & schools, Artificial grass underlay
Product: Interlocking Foam Shock Pad Underlay
Density: 80kg/m3
Material: Perforated Polyethylene Bonded Foam
Colour: Black, Multi

Potential Applications

  • Impact absorbing underlay
  • Play area safety surfacing
  • Patio underlay
  • Roof Garden underlay
  • Shock pad underlay for artificial grass
  • Temporary event surfacing
  • Improve comfort & cushioning under flooring

Technical Data

Properties Values
Standard Thicknesses 25mm, 35mm, 45mm
Tile Sizes 2.25m x 0.9m, 0.98m x 0.98m
Critical Fall Height - 25mm 1.2m
Critical Fall Height - 35mm 1.7m
Critical Fall Height - 45mm 2.0m
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