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Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge

Item Code: RC02101-FR
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Key Features

  • High quality product
  • Flame retardant properties
  • Excellent shape memory
  • Compact cell structure
  • Good weathering, UV & Ozone resistance
  • Wide functioning temperature range
  • Easy to cut & shape

Product Description

Our flame retardant silicone sponge products offer superior flame retardant properties compared to our other silicone sponge grades. This product is available in a variety of thicknesses from 0.8mm to 25.4mm depending on the density. We can supply this product in a standard roll size of 915mm x 10m rolls. This ensures that you always get the best product to suit the job.

Silicone sponge combines the useful properties of sponge, such as softness and flexibility with the sealing and resistance of rubber. This gives you a highly versatile product, which offers the best of both worlds. The superior safety that our flame retardant silicone sponge offers make it the perfect product for almost any application.

Aside from the desirable properties that our flame retardant silicone sponge offers, it is also incredibly easy to work with. It can be easily cut and shaped and also features an excellent shape memory. This enables you to create gaskets and seals which will retain their shape even after long periods of use.


Application: Door seals, HVAC systems, Gaskets, Gap fillers, Vibration dampening, Anti-vibration cushioning, Window panel seals
Product: Flame Retardant Sponge Sheets
Density: 160 - 432kg/m3
Material: Silicone sponge
Colour: Black, White, Grey

Available In Five Standard Densities

  • FR800-Medium
  • FR820-Firm
  • FR840-Extra Firm
  • FR1000-Extra Soft
  • FR2000-Ultra Soft

Understanding Densities


This medium grade silicone sponge material features excellent shape memory as well as low stress relaxation. The superior shape memory makes this particular grade ideal for use in the manufacture of gaskets. The cell structure helps to prevent penetration by air particles as well as water. It also offers good UV, Ozone and temperature resistance, which enables use in a wide variety of environments.


Our firm grade offers higher tear resistance as well as superior tensile strength compared to the lighter grade options. This enables it to provide excellent durability and sealing properties. The firm grade offers resistance to UV, Ozone and extreme temperatures. The cell structure also aids to prevent penetration of the material by fine particles and liquids.


The superior firmness that our extra firm grade offers make it ideal for use in the manufacture of press pads. It provides greater conformability as well as even pressure distribution at high temperatures. The cell structure prevents fine particles and water from being able to penetrate the material. It also offers good resistance to weathering, UV and Ozone damage, which enables use in almost any environment.


Our extra soft grade utilises an open cell structure. However, the softness of the material enables it to compress and protect against the penetration of dust, moisture and air. This softer grade requires less force to seal an enclosure while still providing protection. This feature makes it the perfect choice for sealing outdoor enclosures as well as protecting electronics from shock and heat. It also offers good weathering, UV and Ozone resistance, which enables superior performance in a variety of environments.


The high compressability that our ultra soft grade offers, enables it to conform to awkward shapes and variable width gaps. This grades excellent shape memory and low stress relaxation allow for superior performance, even after a long period of use. It features a closed cell structure which significantly reduces the chance of penetration from gas and liquid. It also offers good resistance to weathering, UV and ozone damage.

Technical Data

Properties Values
Minimum Temperature -55°C
Maximum Temperature +200°C
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