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Interlocking Stable Mats

Here at The Rubber Company we manufacture stable and agricultural mats for a wide variety of applications and environments. In this four part post we are going to explore the different matting and flooring products that are available to you as well as the difference between each product. We understand that no two requirements will ever be the same, so we feel it is important to offer a wide selection of products. This ensures that you are always able to get the perfect matting solution to suit your unique application. For the first part of this series of posts we are going to be focusing on our interlocking stable mats.

Perfect For All Conditions

We manufacture our interlocking stable mats from high quality rubber due to the excellent properties it offers over the competition. The natural rubber / SBR compound we use provides superior physical properties as well as good thermal insulation and chemical resistance. Each individual mat features a density of 1.4 (specific gravity), a tensile strength of 5.0 (MPA) and an abrasion resistance of 200mm³. The density is particularly important to note, as this is higher than most similar looking rubber mats. This helps to significantly increase the durability of our stable mats and enables them to be in constant use.

Rubber also provides much higher thermal insulation capabilities compared to plastic. The superior thermal insulation makes our mats ideal for use in interior as well as exterior applications. This is particularly important in stable and agricultural applications as it enables you to use much less bedding. Plastic matting can become brittle in sub zero conditions, which can greatly reduce the life expectancy of the product.

Easy To Use

Interlocking Stable Mats

A key feature of our interlocking stable mats is the products easy to connect, puzzle like design. This enables you to quickly connect multiple mats together to form a strong, stable surface. It also makes our mats much easier to store while not in use. The top surface of our stable mats utilise a studded or "coin" design, which provides two key features. First of all the coins greatly increase the gripping capabilities of the mat, making it much safer to use all year round. Finally the coin design enables liquid and debris to drain away from the surface of the mats. This makes our agricultural matting much easier to clean as well as reducing the spread of germs.

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