RubbaPour Soft Surfacing Solutions

soft surfacing solutions

Bring Your Outdoor Space To Life

With summer quickly approaching many households all across the country are preparing their outdoor spaces for use once again. However, periods of heavy rain and poor drainage can lead to many areas can becoming waterlogged. This effects how you use your garden, but can also cause long lasting damage to your lawn if left unchecked.

Our RubbaPour® soft surfacing solutions provide an alternative to grass and tarmac play areas. The vibrant range of colours coupled with the ease of installation enables you to create colourful designs and patterns that withstand the test of time. Let RubbaPour® make your garden or outdoor space a safer place to play.

What Is RubbaPour?

Also known as wet pour, our RubbaPour® soft surfacing materials help you to create a colourful and safe play area. This product utilises thousands of tiny rubber granules that when mixed with binder, creates a single seamless surface. The EPDM granules that we use offer great UV resistance which enables them to maintain their colour, even after 5 years of use. This makes RubbaPour® the ideal choice for use in both large and small outdoor areas.

Impact Absorbing – Soft Surfacing Solutions

A key feature of RubbaPour is the excellent impact absorption properties that the surface provides. This makes it incredibly popular for use in children’s playgrounds as well as leisure applications all around the world. You can easily increase or decrease the thickness of the base layer in order to accommodate for the different critical fall heights of the play equipment. This greatly reduces the chances of serious injury while also being discreet and easy to maintain.

We have a dedicated section on our website containing everything need to know about RubbaPour. Click here to view the full RubbaPour range.

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soft surfacing solutions
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