Bespoke Gasket Manufacturing

The Rubber Company utilises a variety of tools and techniques as part of our bespoke gasket manufacturing service. With over 100 years’ experience we have manufactured gaskets for a wide range of applications all around the world. We can also create gaskets from a variety of solid and sponge rubber materials. Aside from a vast material selection we offer finishing options such as: adhesive backing and rubber to metal bonding. We not only have access to a vast selection of materials, but also specific material grades. This enables us to offer materials with superior temperature, fire or chemical resistance in order to suit your unique requirements.

We always tailor each production run to suit the type of gasket and quantity you require. This ensures that our bespoke gasket manufacturing service offers the highest quality gaskets at the most economical price. We can manufacture gaskets using a variety of techniques such as: CNC Machine Cutting, Die Cutting, Kiss Cutting, Lathe Cutting and Water Jet Cutting. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us in order to discover how The Rubber Company can aid you.

Material Conversion Possibilities

Here at The Rubber Company we can utilise a variety of sponge rubber conversion tools and techniques. This enables us to cut, shape, drill, join and laminate our materials to match your exact requirements. Rubber sponge materials are manufactured in large blocks, so it is necessary to convert these blocks into usable end products. Our dedicated team can work directly with you every step of the way. This ensures that we use the best methods in order to achieve your desired shape and finish.

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