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Highly Durable Edge Protector Profiles

Edge Protector Profiles

Edge Protector Profiles In High Demand

We have seen a recent surge in interest in our edge protector profiles, and so have upped production in order to meet demand. Our edge protector profiles are a highly versatile product. They offer excellent impact protection in a wide range of applications. We offer a selection of different designs and dimensions to give you greater control over the type of protection you require.

At The Rubber Company we always try to keep a number of our most popular products in stock for immediate delivery. However, with the recent increase in orders we suggest getting your order in early to avoid disappointment.

What Sets Them Apart?

When it comes to edge protection we have found that our customers typically have two main criteria. First of all the edge protector profiles must be easy to install on a wide variety of surfaces. Secondly the edge protectors much be able to absorb both light and heavy impacts.

Our edge protector profiles meet this criteria but also offers so much more. Many of our edge protectors come with a self adhesive backing option. This enables you to easily install our product within minutes onto almost any surface, without the need for additional purchases.

We manufacture this product from a high quality TPE foam material due to the unique features the material offers. TPE foam provides excellent durability and impact absorption properties. We use a foam TPE instead of solid TPE as it grants our protectors greater compression rates. This enables our product to absorb greater pressure without warping or deteriorating. TPE foam is also soft to the tough and ensures that no damage is done to the edge while the protector is in use.

The Rubber Company regularly supply a range of protection products to customers all around the world. We can adhere to strict delivery schedules and project deadlines. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure which product best suits your unique requirements.

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