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Item Code: RC04169
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Key Features

  • Multi-directional water drainage
  • Barefoot comfort & safety
  • Effective inside or out
  • Anti-bacterial/Anti-fungal additives for permanent hygiene
  • Slip resistant certified DIN 51097 Classification C
  • Loose lay yet stable underfoot
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Excellent sound absorption properties
  • Resistant to most acids, alkalies and oils

Product Description

Our anti slip PVC matting is a high quality, safe flooring solution which is ideal for use in environments which come into contact with water. The unique design on the surface of the mats prevent water from building up on the walking surface. Small channels run down the length of the matting which collects any loose water and directs it away from the mat. This makes the surface not only safe to walk on but also ensures that matting stays as hygienic as possible.

The top surface of the anti slip PVC matting is made up of hundreds of tiny individual squares. These squares serve to give the mat and increased surface area, with each square containing its own gripping properties. This gives you excellent gripping properties when walking both barefoot and in shoes.

Our anti slip PVC matting is also UV resistant which makes it suitable for both interior and exterior use. This product is ideal for use in bar and kitchen applications as well as construction lines and swimming pool walkways. It is also suitable for use in other light commercial and industrial applications. PVCline offers superior cushioning properties compared to its competitors, which reduces the risk of potential damage and breakage to any objects with are dropped on the mat. This feature makes our matting particularly popular for use in bars and pubs where spills and breakages often occur.

Colour Options

Anti Slip PVC Matting -Anti Slip PVC Matting -Anti Slip PVC Matting -

Anti Slip PVC Matting -Anti Slip PVC Matting -


Application: Bar & kitchens, Boats & marine applications, Wet areas
Product: Anti-slip, Safety Surfacing
Hardness (Shore A): N/A
Material: PVC
Colour: Red, Blue, Green, Beige, White, Black

Potential Applications

  • Bars flooring
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Boat & marina walkways
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Changing rooms
  • Outdoor decking

Technical Data

Properties Values Properties Values
Thickness 6mm Composition Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Roll Sizes 10m x 60cm, 10m x 91cm Acoustic Insulation Excellent sound absorption properties
Weight 3.70kg/M2 Chemical Resistance Resistant to most acids, alkalines and oils
Fire Resistance DIN 4102 Part 1- Classification B2. BS 2782 Part 1, method 140A: 1992 (ISO 1210: 1992)
Slip Resistance ASTM F 1677 - Dry/Wet: 1.0/0.8, DIN51130: R11, V10, DIN51097: Classification C
Temperature Range -23°C to +60°C
UV Resistance Resistant to PVC degradation
Reversion Thermoplastic shrinkage can result in size reductions up to 2%
Hygiene Naturally resistant to bacteria growth
Environment 100% recyclable
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