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Coir Brand Mat

Item Code: RC04177
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Key Features

  • Traditional feel entrance matting
  • 100% coir fibres
  • Easily increase branding
  • Reduce dust and debris spread
  • Heavy duty
  • High quality materials
  • Custom graphics and slogans
  • Reduce potential slipping hazards

Product Description

Our coir brand mat is an entirely natural matting solution. This high quality as well as heavy duty mat is ideal at preventing the spread of dirt and debris while also protecting any carpet you have under the mat.

The natural strength and durability that coir possesses makes it perfect for use in busy entrances or areas with heavy foot traffic. It also ensures that your logo or slogan will remain in place for a long time. This particular coir brand mat is the perfect product for anyone who wants to extend their branding but also wants a functional entrance mat.

This mat is excellent for anyone looking to extend their branding to any work space or property. Despite being a relatively simple solution, branded matting is a cost efficient method to increase your brands or companies potential. In this highly competitive business climate, standing out from the pack can be the difference between success and failure. Any size company can benefit from the additional brand awareness that our brand brush mat offers.


Material: PVC backing, 100% natural Coir surface
Application: Indoor well matting, Busy public entrance area, Prevents dirt spread, Temporary outdoor use
Product: Coir brand mat
Resistance to: Dirt, Dust, Derbis, Anti Slip, Various Liquids
Colour: 9

Technical Data

Specifications Compound Values
Brush Mat Width Custom sizes
Max width: 200cm
Brush Mat Length Max length: 1200cm
Max Logo Size 180cm x 400cm
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