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Cell Fenders

Item Code: RC0809
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Key Features

  • High performance
  • Good shear force resistance
  • Can support large panels
  • Highly durable design
  • Ideal for low pressure systems
  • Lower hull pressure
  • Multi direction dispersion of energy
  • Superior life expectancy
  • Easy installation

Cell Fender Sizes

Product Description

Our cell fenders are some of the most popular fenders in use today. The unique, circular shape grants this particular fender superior stability compared to similar large fenders. This product is available with outer diameter sizes ranging from 650mm to 3000mm. We can supply a variety of lengths in order to ensure you get the appropriate protection to match your application.

Cell fenders offer some of the highest energy absorption to weight ratio of any fenders. This enables you to use them in both large and small scale applications, which makes them highly versatile. The circular shape enables our fenders to distribute impact pressure and weight easily. This not only provides superior impact absorption, it also helps to prolong the life of the fender.

Unlike many compression fenders, cell fenders feature the lowest compression performance change. This ensures that our fender is able to maintain impact absorption and resistance rates regardless of the weight of the vessel.

Customers can also install our UHMW–PE–sliding fender plates to further increase the life expectancy of the fender. These plates significantly reduce friction as well as putting less pressure on the hull of the ship.

Cell Fender Performance Data

Cell Fender Weight Support


Application: Impact absorption, Marine construction, Docking systems
Product: Cell Fenders
Material: NR/SBR

Potential Applications

  • Oil & LNG facilities
  • Bulk terminals
  • Offshore platforms
  • Container berths
  • RoRo & cruise terminals
  • Multi-user berths
  • General cargo terminals
  • Navy applications
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