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Floating Foam Fenders

Item Code: RC0822
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Key Features

  • High quality floating fender
  • Unsinkable construction & design
  • High energy absorption
  • Low reaction force
  • Non-marking skin
  • Wide selection of sizes available

Product Description

Our range of floating foam fenders provide an effective and highly durable alternative to standard pneumatic rubber fenders. These foam fenders feature a high quality, closed-cell foam core with nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin. The foam core eliminates the need for air within the floating fender, resulting in a solid object. The polyurethane outer skin ensures that these floating fenders are non-marking. This makes them the preferred option for use with navy vessels and cruise berths. We can also customise the colour of the outer skin to suit your specific requirements.

As a protective barrier it is crucial that our floating foam fenders can withstand regular heavy impacts and scrapes. The unique construction of these fenders ensures that the performance is maintained regardless of damage. No matter how severe the impact, these fenders will never burst or sink. This results in a floating fender that is highly dependable while providing a long service life.

Standard Dimensions & Performance

We can manufacture these floating fenders in a wide variety of sizes as standard. This enables you to select the appropriate size fender in order to provide the energy absorption that your application requires. We supply our floating fenders with shackles for easy and secure installation, we can also supply fixing chains as an extra. We can also manufacture bespoke sizes to your exact requirements, subject to minimum order quantities.


Application: Large vessel impact protection
Product: Floating Foam Fender
Material (Core): Closed-cell foam
Material (Skin): Nylon reinforced polyurethane
Colour: Variety

Potential Applications

  • Cruise ships & large yachts
  • Container vessels
  • Navy berths
  • Ship-to-ship transfers
  • Large sea vessels
  • Ferries
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