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Polyurethane Foam Material

Item Code: RC02115
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Key Features

  • Highly durable & versatile material
  • Incredibly lightweight and flexible
  • High impact strength
  • Good abrasion & tearing resistance
  • Good insulation properties
  • Wide functioning temperature range
  • Easy to cut & shape

Product Description

Polyurethane, which is also available in polyether and polyester formats is a highly versatile, open cell material. It is used in a variety of industries on a daily basis due to the unique features that material offers. We produce our polyurethane products from a large block in order to create a seamless foam product.

The superior softness and flexibility that polyurethane offers over other foam products make it perfect for use furniture. It also possesses excellent tear and abrasion resistance which make it highly durable. The high versatility that this product offers enable you to use it in a wide variety of applications. Our customers often use this material in; insulation, sealing, packaging, filters, clothing as well as medical applications. The open cell structure makes this product particularly useful in thermal insulation applications.

We are able to supply polyurethane in a vast range of densities as standard, with an average density of 24 kg/m3. We also have a wide hardness spread selection from 20 Newtons to 295 Newtons. We commonly get requests for polyurethane in: sheets, rolls, strips, gaskets as well as seals. We can also produce this material either plain or adhesive backed for easy installation.


Application: Cushioning, packaging & sealing applications
Product: Polyurethane Foam
Density: 22 - 29 kg/m3
Material: Open Cell Polyurethane
Colour: Dark grey as standard, other colours available upon request

Potential Applications

  • Soft furnishing manufacture
  • Medical cushioning & support
  • Automotive seating
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Strips, gaskets & seals
  • Pipe lagging
  • Packaging protection
  • Clothing & textile manufacture

Material Conversion Possibilities

Here at The Rubber Company we can utilise a variety of sponge rubber conversion tools and techniques. This enables us to cut, shape, drill, join and laminate our materials to match your exact requirements. Rubber sponge materials are manufactured in large blocks, so it is necessary to convert these blocks into usable end products. Our dedicated team can work directly with you every step of the way. This ensures that we use the best methods in order to achieve your desired shape and finish.

Technical Data

Properties Values 22 - 24 kg/m3 Values 27 - 29 kg/m3
Hardness 105° - 135° 135° - 165°
Tensile Strength > 70 kPa > 50 kPa
Elongation at Break > 150% > 90%
Compression Set (Max) 15% 12%
Fire Resistance (FMVSS302) Pass Pass
Minimum Temperature -40°C -40°C
Maximum Temperature +100°C +100°C
Colour Grey Grey, White
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