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PVC Self Grip Edge Trim

Item Code: RC01103-ET
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Key Features

  • Highly durable edging
  • Channel width can be adjusted
  • Lightweight & flexible
  • Good impact absorption properties
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Resistant against UV & ozone deterioration
  • Wide range of widths & heights available

Product Description

Our PVC self grip edge trim profiles provide a simple and effective solution to many edge protection and sealing applications. The self gripping properties of our PVC edge trim enables them to be used on an almost endless variety of materials and products. It also allows you to install the edge trim in a matter of seconds, without the need for adhesive. This enables you to remove as well as reuse our edge trim profiles multiple times.

We manufacture our PVC self grip edge trim range from a high-quality PVC compound due to the unique combination of features it provides. PVC offers good water resistance as standard, while also being a non-toxic material. This enables you to use our edge trim profiles in a exterior and marine applications. It also allows you to wash the profiles in order to remove any dirt or debris for repeated use. Our PVC edge trim profiles also feature good flexibility as well as durability properties. This enables them to curve around a variety of edges and radii, while also absorbing a range of impacts.

All of our PVC self grip edge trim profiles feature a metal insert running throughout the length of the profile. This not only serves to reinforce the profiles but it also enables our edge trim to hold its shape when not in use. We regularly supply our edge trim profiles for use in automotive, marine as well as construction industries. On uncovered edges our edge trim profiles can also significantly reduce the risk of serious injury.


Application: Unrefined edge protection, decorative trim
Product: Self Grip Edge Trim
Hardness (Shore A): 67 - 82°
Material: PVC, Steel
Colour: Black as standard

Potential Applications

  • Unrefined edge protection
  • Delicate material protection
  • Marine equipment sealing
  • Playground equipment protection
  • Automotive sealing & protection applications
  • Decorative trim
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