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Novus Gaskets

Item Code: RC1103
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Key Features

  • Excellent high temperature resistance
  • Excellent pressure resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Resistant to petrol & fuel deterioration
  • Good natural gas resistance
  • Non-stick properties
  • Highly versatile
  • Manufactured to your exact requirements

Product Description

Our diverse range of novus non asbestos gaskets provide exceptional sealing qualities in both high temperature and high-pressure applications. This product is available in selection of different material specifications to suit your exact requirements. We can also work with you to produce gaskets to your exact requirements.

Despite being typically hidden from view, gaskets perform a crucial service in a wide range of industries and applications. Gaskets create a mechanical seal which fills in the space between two or more surfaces. This is typically to prevent leakage from the objects while under compression. A well-made gasket can also fill any irregularities between slightly uneven surfaces.

Our Novus non asbestos gaskets have been designed to provide the same excellent resistance properties found in asbestos based gaskets, without any of the drawbacks. This creates a product which offers far superior safety as well as durability properties. Unlike asbestos based gaskets, novus gaskets are 100% safe for human contact.

Different Material Grades

Novus 10 (Black)

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 425°C
  • Maximum Pressure: 100 Bar

This particular grade is reinforced with carbon fibre, which is then combined with a high-quality Nitrile rubber binder system. It features excellent creep resistance as well as good steam resistance properties. This product is suitable for use with alkalis, fuels and refrigerants.

Novus 30 (Orange)

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 400°C
  • Maximum Pressure: 80 Bar

Novus 30 uses a combination of aramid and inorganic fibres with a Nitrile rubber binder. This grade offers good resistance to extreme hot and cold temperatures and is resistant to damage from water as well as steam. Novus non asbestos gaskets also offers good resistance to many common chemicals and fuels.

Novus 45 (Blue)

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°C
  • Maximum Pressure: 60 Bar

The Novus 45 grade is a medium quality, general service material. It utilises a combination of part recycled and virgin fibres to create a cost-effective product. This product offers good resistance to oils, solvents, gases as well as water. Novus non asbestos gaskets are suitable for use in low pressure steam and mild chemical contact applications.

Novus 20 (Yellow)

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 400°C
  • Maximum Pressure: 80 Bar

This is the general-purpose grade, which offers excellent versatility across a wide range of applications. This product is a high-quality compressed sheet material, which utilises aramid fibres bound together by Nitrile rubber. This particular grade is suitable for use in both hot and cold-water applications. You can also use it in contact with steam, oils, fuels gases and a range of general chemicals.

Novus 34 (White)

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 450°C
  • Maximum Pressure: 100 Bar

This particular grade uses special additives, along with the combination of aramid fibres and Nitrile rubber binder. The unique combination creates a material which offers superior high temperature and pressure resistance. This grade is designed for use in high pressure steam and gases applications. It is also suitable for contact with oils and solvents.

Novus 49 (Black)

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 420°C
  • ximum Pressure: 100 Bar

Novus 49 offers high performance along with excellent mechanical properties. This particular grade is made with a high percentage of graphite, which is reinforced with aramid fibres and a Nitrile binder. It offers excellent resistance to high pressure steam as well as gases. Our Novus non asbestos gaskets are suitable for use in oil and solvent contact applications.


Application: Sealing in highly demanding applications & environments
Product: Novus Non Asbestos Gaskets
Density: 1.57 - 2.00 g/cc
Material: Natural & synthetic fibres, Nitrile binder
Colour: Black, White, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green - depending on grade

Potential Applications

  • Petro-chemical
  • Oil & gas
  • Marine
  • Power generation
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Water treatment
  • General engineering
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