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Rubber Garden Surfacing Products

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Spring has sprung all across the country. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it's finally time to enjoy your outdoor space. That is, until you notice that months of rain, wind and snow have taken it's toll on your garden or balcony. The grass has become water logged, the decking is saturated with 6 months worth of rainfall and the weeds have some how found a way to grow back. But what if it didn't have to be this way? Here at The Rubber Company we can provide an extensive range of rubber garden surfacing products to suit any application and budget.

A Wide Variety Of Rubber Garden Surfacing Options

With over 75 years of experience we have a vast knowledge of the advantages that rubber can bring to your outdoor area. Using the feedback we have obtained from customers we have developed and changed our product line to better suit your needs. Some of our most popular rubber garden surfacing products include:

RubbaGrass Matting

Fresh RubbaGrass Installation

Our RubbaGrass mats have quickly become the first choice for use in many outdoor play areas all around the country. The unique, open aperture design encourages the healthy growth of grass though the mats. This provides you with excellent impact absorption properties, while also maintaining the natural look of the area.

We also find that RubbaGrass is perfect for use in walkways, particularly ones which are prone to becoming water logged. Once installed the mats will prevent further deterioration of the soil and give the grass enough time to fully establish.

SafaWood Anti-Slip Decking

rubber garden surfacing

Our SafaWood anti-slip decking combines the appearance of traditional decking with the safety features of rubber granulate. One of the many complaints we hear about traditional decking is that the surface can become a slipping hazard, particularly during the winter months. The addition of rubber granulate provides our decking with excellent anti-slip properties regardless of the weather.

RubbaPour Play Surfacing

rubber garden surfacing

Our RubbaPour play and safety surfacing material is the perfect solution for use in playgrounds or under play equipment. You can select the required surface depth to suit any play equipment you may have. This ensures that should children fall off of the equipment, they will  be protected from serious injury. RubbaPour is also available in a wide variety of colours as standard. This enables you to create a colourful surface, incorporating complex designs and patterns to enable the children to have fun while also being safe.

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