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Amoebic Stable Mats

In the second part of our stable matting guide we are going to focus on our amoebic stable mats. A key feature of this product is the amoebic pattern on the top surface of the matting. This provides our matting with excellent anti-slip properties while maintaining a stable walking surface. The low profile design on our matting is also much easier to clean compared to the studded matting alternative.

Highly Versatile Matting

While creating these mats it was important to first consider a wide variety of agricultural and stable conditions. We know that no two applications will ever be exactly the same, so we have to ensure that our product ticks as many boxes as possible. The unique pattern on the surface of our amoebic stable mats coupled with high quality materials ensure that our product provides excellent levels of grip in both and dry conditions. It is also important to us that the surface of the matting is not intrusive in order to create a comfortable walking surface for your livestock.

Safer & Happier Animals

Aside from creating an anti-slip surface, our amoebic stable mats also provide good anti-fatigue properties. Our matting encourages the animals to move around, which puts significantly less stress on muscles and joints. This results in not only happier, but also much healthier animals.

The solid rubber our amoebic stable matting use also provides great thermal insulation. We understand that this is an important factor as many barns or stables use bedding in order to keep the livestock warm. Using our matting means that as much as 80% less traditional bedding is required. This keeps your animals warmer while also saving you time and money in the process.

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