tan para rubber sheeting

Tan Para Rubber Sheeting

Item Code: RC0303
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Key Features

  • Long wearing
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • High tear resistance
  • Non-marking properties
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Many sizes available from stock

Product Description

Our Tan Para Rubber Sheeting 40° Shore is a superior, long-life product offering a high abrasion resistance making it perfect for a variety of heavy wear and tear applications. It is produced from naturally forming latex, being classes as “Para-natural” meaning ‘pure-gum’ and is designed with implementations such as chute lining, blades scrapers and shot-blast in mind. We can supply the material in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 40mm thick, depending on the application and requirements.


Application: High abrasion applications
Product: Tan Para Rubber Sheeting
Hardness (Shore A): 40°
Material: Natural Rubber
Colour: Tan

Potential Applications

  • High abrasion applications
  • Shotblast cabinet lining
  • Chute lining
  • Heavy duty scraper blades
  • Conveyor skirts
  • Wear strips

Technical Data

Roll Sizes Weight [kg/M²] Specifications Compound Values [typical]
5m x 1400mm x 25mm 25.50 Compound NR
5m x 1400mm x 20mm 20.40 Density [Specific Gravity] 1.02 g/cm2
5m x 1400mm x 15mm 15,53 Hardness [Shore A] 40° ± 5°
5m x 1400mm x 12mm 12.24 Tensile Strength 16.0 MPa
5m x 1400mm x 10mm 10.20 Elongation at Break 600%
5m x 1400mm x 8mm 8.16 Working Temperature Range -20°C to +70°C
10m x 1400mm x 6mm 6.12 Abrasion Resistance 120mm3
10m x 1400mm x 5mm 5.10 Tear Resistance 15
10m x 1400mm x 3mm 3.06
20m x 1400mm x 1.5mm 1.53
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