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RubbaSlide Rubber Conveyor Belting

Item Code: RC06103
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Key Features

  • High quality belting
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Anti-static properties
  • Oil resistance
  • High friction top surface
  • Good ozone & UV resistance
  • Low power consumption

Product Description

Our RubbaSlide rubber conveyor belting combines excellent levels of friction with weathering resistance in a low power consumption design. This belting utilises a multi-layer system in order to achieve outstanding and reliable performance for conveying a variety of materials. The top layer is comprised of a high-quality rubber compound. This serves to provide high levels of grip while creating a flat, even surface. The core or “carcass” of the belting consists of a fabric reinforcement of either 2 or 3 plies. This fabric reinforcement serves to increase the strength of the belting as well as aiding in impact absorption. The base layer of the belt uses a low friction polyester fabric. This enables our RubbaSlide belting to run smoothly and efficiently for low power consumption.

We typically supply our RubbaSlide rubber conveyor belting for use in range of applications and working environments. You can use use RubbaSlide with equipment where the idlers have been replaced by wood, metal or plastic slider plates. The high friction surface is ideal for conveying raw materials in a variety of sizes.

Available Finishes

We can supply RubbaSlide in different grades to suit a range of applications and requirements.


This grade features a high abrasion resistant cover for use with heavy duty and high wearing materials.


This grade features superior vegetable as well as mineral oil resistance covers


Application: Suitable for carrying individual items and raw materials in Agricultural, Recycling, Manufacturing & Food industries
Product: High Friction Conveyor Belting
Material: Polyester, Polyamide & Rubber
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Conveying individual items & raw materials
  • Agricultural industries
  • Recycling & processing
  • Steel & material production
  • Sugar & food processing
  • Interior & exterior environments

Technical Data

Physical Properties Values
Width 1200mm
Weight 8.3kg/m
Total Thickness (ISO 583) 5.9mm
Belt Length 40.0m
Roll Length 40.0m
Number of Rolls 1
Roll Diameter (excl. packing) 679mm
Roll Weight (excl. packing) 334kg
Minimum Pulley Diameters For Belt-Loads From 60% Up To 100%
Drive Pulley 315mm
Tail/Bend Pulley 250mm
Snub Pulley 200mm
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