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RubbaTrio Heavy Duty Belting

Item Code: RC06105
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Key Features

  • Highly durable & versatile
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Anti-static properties
  • Fire & high temperature resistance
  • Resistant against oil deterioration
  • Good ozone & UV resistance
  • High strength – tear resistant

Product Description

Our RubbaTrio heavy duty belting provides exceptional strength and durability for heavy loads, abrasive materials as well as adverse conditions. This particular conveyor belting material utilises a 3-ply system, consisting of three high strength EP fabric plies. The EP fabric we use is impervious to moisture and also features low elongation properties. Between the fabric reinforcement we use a hard wearing and high-quality rubber. This combination of high strength EP fabric and high strength rubber creates outstanding levels of impact and tear resistance.

We supply RubbaTrio heavy duty belting in a variety of strength and sizing options in order to suit your requirements. It is available with tensile strengths ranging from 400 N/mm all the way up to 1250 N/mm. We can also produce a wide range of widths from 400mm to 1250mm as standard.

RubbaTrio conveyor belting is the ideal material for use in the most adverse and heaviest service conditions. The combination of excellent durability and reliability ensure that it is suitable for any application. It is suitable for transporting cement, steel, wood and a wide variety of other construction materials. You can also use it to transport abrasive materials such as, chemicals, fertilisers and mining materials.


Application: Suitable for heavy load & hard wearing material conveying
Product: Heavy Duty Conveyor Belting
Material: Polyester-Nylon & Rubber
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Heavy load materials
  • Coarse & hard wearing materials
  • Cement & construction
  • Chemicals & fertilisers
  • Mining & quarry materials
  • Interior & exterior environments
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