Grass Grow Through Matting

Grass Grow Through Matting

Grass grow through matting provides a cost effective solution to protecting your grass from heavy foot traffic. It offers a safe, non-slip surface for play equipment and is ideal for playgrounds, children’s play areas, play frames and walking trails.

Made from recycled rubber, the mat is marked by closely-set holes. The grass grow through matting is then pegged to the ground, allowing the grass to grow through the holes.

Grass grow through matting is ideal for use on golf courses, especially where there are slopes, or on public pathways where gradients are steep. The effect of grass grow through matting is such that the grass is still visible, but the matting is still there as a precautionary measure to increase safety and reduce the risk of slipping.

Just some of its advantages include:

  • It preserves grass and prevents wear
  • It is environmentally sound
  • It is wheelchair and pushchair accessible
  • It is made from 100% recycled, durable and safe rubber
  • It absorbs shock and noise

At The Rubber Company we supply the RubbaGrass Rubber Safety Mat for use in your chosen application. We look to meet needs and meet requirements.

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