Marine Exhaust Hose

Marine Exhaust Hose

A marine hose is a vital part of a boat. It is designed to provide the best possible long term performance and is built to withstand harsh sea conditions, abrasion, and a generally tough environment.

A marine exhaust hose is a heavy duty hose which is used as a flexible connection device to circulate, transfer and cool engine water. The marine exhaust hose is easy to install, is long-lasting and absorbs vibration more than pipe or tubing.

The Rubber Company stocks and manufactures an extensive range of marine hoses. Our marine fuel rubber hoses are designed to be both weather and ozone resistant, heat and oil resistant, non-flammable, resistant to tough sea conditions and abrasion resistant. Fuel rubber hoses are flexible. They are manufactured from different rubber compounds and then reinforced with sturdier materials to increase pressure resistance and durability.

Our stock of marine hoses also includes PVC nitrile sanitation hoses and marine waste PVC hose. With our extensive knowledge and expertise of the rubber industry in general, if you cannot find the product suitable for your application and require technical guidance, the team at The Rubber Company is here to help.

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