Rubber Grass Matting

Rubber Grass Matting

Do you need to make your play areas, playgrounds or pathways safe and non-slippery to walk on?

At The Rubber Company we supply rubber grass matting for that very purpose, otherwise known as ‘RubbaGrass’. RubbaGrass is a safety mat made from recycled rubber that is mainly used on grass. It is an ideal choice for your lawns, children’s play areas, playgrounds, pathways, gate entrances and for use under swings.

However, due to the mat’s anti-slip qualities it is multi-purpose and can be used in different environments (ice rinks, ski slopes) and across a variety of industries including boating/marine, equestrian, ramp and hill safety, or areas that are either prone to liquid spillage, muddy areas, or gravelled surfaces. RubbaGrass is very versatile. It has anti-slip, anti-fatigue and impact-absorbing properties, is environmentally friendly and useable in all weather conditions, while its drainage holes make it suitable for different types of surfaces.

RubbaGrass is tested to BS EN1177 for critical fall height in excess of 3 metres. It is a safety ground surface product, and the perfect choice to ensure safety and softness under foot to avoid injury.

The Rubber Company provides our clients worldwide with the best quality rubber products available. To find out more about the benefits of RubbaGrass and what we can offer, visit our website here.


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