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Solid Rubber U Channels

Item Code: U-CHANNEL
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Key Features

  • High quality construction
  • Good impact absorption
  • Good weathering, UV & ozone resistance
  • Excellent shape memory
  • Durable & flexible
  • Wide range of different sizes available

Product Description

Our extensive range of round rubber U channels are the ideal solution to a variety of edge trim and protection applications. We manufacture our U channels from a selection of high-quality EPDM, Neoprene and TPE rubber compounds. These materials combine high tear and strength resistance with flexibility in order to create a profile that is made to last. We can supply a wide selection of shapes and sizes as standard. We can also bespoke manufacture U channels to your exact requirements, subject to minimum order quantities.

A key feature of our round rubber U channels is the products excellent impact resistance. This ensures that the edges of your sheet, glass and panels are protected from potential bumps and drops. The profiles also serve to protect users from injuries that may be caused from sharp edges.

You can install our round rubber U channels in a matter of seconds, without the need for adhesive. Simply push the U channel profile over the edge you are trying to protect. This enables you to use a single profile for multiple jobs, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Aside from the materials mentioned above, we also have a range of silicone U channel profiles. click here to view our range of silicone extrusions.


Application: Edge sealing & protection in a variety of applications and industries
Product: Round Rubber U Channels
Hardness (Shore A): Please contact regarding specific profiles
Material: EPDM / Neoprene / TPE
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Edge Protection
  • Sheet metal & glass
  • Panel & edge sealing
  • Doors
  • Interior & exterior applications
  • Decorative Trim

Product Range – EPDM

Product Range – Neoprene

Product Range – TPE

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