Rubber Matting Products For All Applications

At The Rubber Company we are committed to providing a suitable matting solution for any application or environment. To do this, we are constantly expanding our already impressive range of rubber matting products to suit to ever-changing requirements of our customers. Aside from offering new products, we feel it is also crucial to manufacture using only the highest quality material compounds possible. This ensures that you always get matting that is fit for purpose and manufactured to last.

Below we have included a selection of some of our most popular matting & flooring products as well as their most commonly used applications.

Agricultural & Stable Matting

Our agricultural and stable matting combines high strength with good resistance against against animal waste and common cleaning chemicals. Durability was a key factor when developing these mats. We know that animals can pull up and split the matting, so we felt it was important that the matting be strong enough to withstand the daily wear and tear caused by the animals. We also provide a wide selection of surface designs in order to ensure that you can get the exact finish to suit your unique application.


Electrical Safety Matting

Our rubber electrical safety matting range has been independently tested to different voltages as well as standards to suit a wide variety of common applications. This ensures that you only have to pay for the specific voltage protection required. Our IEC electrical safety matting full confirms to the latest IEC 61111:2009 specifications. The underside of the matting features a cloth finish for superior grip on a range of flooring types. The top side is ribbed to provide high levels of grip in both wet and dry environments.

electrical safety matting IEC 61111

Ribbed Matting

Our fine ribbed matting has been specifically developed to provide excellent anti-slip properties in both wet and dry environments. Their high quality construction enables our ribbed matting to easily withstand deterioration from high footfall applications. We can supply a variety of grades, materials, sizes and thicknesses in order to ensure that you always get the perfect matting to suit your unique requirements.

heavy duty ribbed matting

Studded Matting

Our studded range of rubber matting provides good anti-slip properties in a low maintenance format. The “coin” or studed design of the matting provides good levels of grip on almost all footwear types in both wet and dry environments. Our premium studded matting features a textured finish on each stud to provide superior levels of grip in applications that require it. We can supply studded matting in either rubber or PVC in a range of colours to suit virtually any working environment.

rubber matting

This just a small selection of our matting and flooring products. You can view the full range on our website by clicking here. Alternatively, you can call or email us to discuss your application and the potential products with our friendly and informative sales team.

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