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Oil Resistant Comfort Mats

Item Code: RC04181
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Key Features

  • High quality construction
  • Excellent chemical, animal fats, oils & petroleum resistance
  • Anti-slip textured surface for wet & dry areas
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Anti-trip bevelled edges
  • Quick & easy interlocking system
  • Safe for use in static sensitive areas

Product Description

Our oil resistant comfort mats provide a high-quality safety flooring solution for use in a wide variety of applications and working environments. The unique textured studded pattern on the top surface of the matting provides excellent anti-slip properties in both wet and dry environments. The puzzle lock system enables you quickly as well as easily cover a large surface area. Once the mats are connected, they form a single, stable walking surface. We supply this matting in 58cm X 85cm and 85cm X 150cm sizes as standard, with a thickness of 12mm. Our matting is available in two colour options, either black or black with a high visibility stripe around the edge.

We manufacture our oil resistant comfort mats using a two part system. The outer layers of the matting are manufacturing using a high-quality nitrile rubber compound. Nitrile provides excellent resistance to chemicals, animal fats, machine oils as well as petroleum products. This enables our matting to function in highly sensitive and abrasive environments without deteriorating. We manufacture the core of the matting from a dense sponge rubber material. This provides superior levels of compression and cushioning underfoot. It also helps to absorb impacts and evenly distribute weight. This can greatly reduce potential injuries while preserving the life of the matting.

The highly resistant construction of our oil resistant comfort mats enable you to use it in a variety of applications. We typically supply this matting for use in hazardous manufacturing plants as well as automotive manufacturing plants. The matting is also suitable for use in heavy duty industrial applications such as: welding areas and static sensitive areas. The bevelled edges allow for easy wheelchair and trolley access while also minimising the risk of trips and slips.

oil resistant comfort matsoil resistant comfort mats


Application: Industrial applications requiring chemicals, animal fats, machine oils and petroleum resistance
Product: Heavy Duty Industrial Matting
Thickness: 12mm
Colour: Black, Black & Yellow

Potential Applications

  • Anti-fatigue applications
  • Automotive, construction & manufacturing industries
  • Welding workstations
  • Anti-static workstations
  • Interior & exterior applications
  • Wet & dry environments

Technical Data

Modular Matting Sizes Interlocking Matting Sizes Specifications Values
58cm X 85cm x 12mm 85cm X 150cm x 12mm* Wear Resistance Wear resistant surface to Level 3
85cm X 150cm x 12mm *Available as an end or joining piece Anti-Fatigue Anti-fatigue protection to Level 3
Slip Resistance Slip resistance Level 3
Chemical Resistance Chemical resistant
Connectable Mats are connectable and join together
Grease Area Suitable for use in greasy areas
Oil Area Suitable for use in oily and greasy areas
Wet Area Suitable for use in wet areas
Dry Area Suitable for use in dry areas
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