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Yacht Garage Doors – Silicone Rubber Seals

We supply a diverse range of industries with Silicone Rubber Seals, often produced to bespoke customer requirements.
A multitude of applications include hatch and door seals on luxury yachts and commercial marine vessels, inflatable extruded seals for agricultural processing machinery and many 100s more…

Silicone Seals for Yacht Garage Doors

The Rubber Company supply a lot in the luxury world of super yachts. For such prestige vessels, excellence is demanded on all components.
Inflatable rubber seals are used to seal yacht garage doors, sliding doors and hatches. We use an environmentally resistant Silicone compound which can be extruded and joined, mastered by many years of development.
Corner pieces can be moulded to allow even inflation and prevent pinching, all supplied with either standard inflation tubes or custom fittings.
Please see more information on these watertight inflatable seals here: Silicone Inflatable Seal Brochure.

Silicone Rubber Benefits

⇒ Low volume production possibilities OR high volume production runs
⇒ Inexpensive tooling for bespoke precision extruded seals, perfect for prototyping and product development
⇒ 1000s of existing tools for cords, T, e, U, D, H, P, L, Tadpole, Oven Door, Mushroom, Glazing Wedge, Draught Excluder, Glazing Seal, Capping Profile, Multilumen Tube, Lip Seal and U with Bubble
⇒ Range of colours offered and shore hardness 20°C to 80°C
⇒ Wide temperature resistance range from -60°C to +300°C

Silicone Rubber Grades Include

  • EN45545-2 Fire Resistant, Low smoke
  • FDA compliant
  • SP class VI certified
  • UL94 V-0 standard flame retardant
  • High Tear Strength Silicones
  • Metal detectable Silicone Rubber
  • Steam Resistant Silicones
  • Conductive Silicones
  • Inflatable Grade Silicones
  • Low Smoke
  • Low Toxicity Silicones
  • Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Silicone Sponge

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