epdm solid rubber cord

EPDM Solid Rubber Cord

Item Code: CRD0206
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Key Features

  • High quality material
  • Excellent weathering, UV & ozone resistance
  • Good resistance to water & steam
  • Good low temperature resistance
  • Highly durable & flexible
  • Wide variety of sizes available as standard
  • Bespoke manufacturing available

Product Description

We manufacture our EPDM solid rubber cord profiles from a high-quality EPDM compound. EPDM cords are highly popular due to their suitability for use in wide variety of applications and working environments. This is largely due to the combination of mechanical strength and resistance the material provides. We can supply our EPDM cords in a variety of sizes from 1mm to 25mm as standard. We can also bespoke manufacture cords to your exact specifications, subject to minimum order quantities.

EPDM is widely known for the excellent resistance it offers to weathering, UV as well as ozone deterioration. This enables our EPDM solid rubber cord to provide consistent performance in both interior and exterior applications. EPDM cords also feature a good combination of tensile strength, tear resistance and flexibility. This ensures that our cord is not only easy to use, but also made to last.


Application: Interior & exterior sealing applications that come under light to medium wear
Product: EPDM Rubber Cord
Hardness (Shore A): 70°
Material: EPDM
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Rubber seals & gaskets
  • Interior & exterior environments
  • Construction industries
  • Production lines
  • Electrical installations
  • Dust seals
  • Decorative trim

Technical Data

Standard Cord Sizes Properties Values
1mm 8mm Compound EPDM
1.6mm 9.5mm Tensile Strength 14 MPa
2mm 10mm Elongation at Break 300%
2.4mm 11mm Compression Set (22hrs @ 100°C) 16%
2.62mm 12mm Minimum Temperature -30°C
3mm 15mm Maximum Temperature +150°C
3.53mm 16mm
4mm 17mm
4.5mm 20mm
5mm 25mm
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