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Diamond Tough Comfort Matting

Item Code: RC04180
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Key Features

  • High quality construction
  • Heavy duty impact protection
  • Good wear resistance
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Anti-slip diamond pattern
  • High Vis yellow edge option available
  • Wide range of sizes available as standard

Product Description

Our diamond tough comfort matting combines excellent underfoot comfort with a heavy duty, hard wearing top surface. This is the only matting to offer comfort and protection for use in hard wearing industrial applications. The diamond pattern on the top surface also serves to increase the anti-slip properties of the matting. This enables our matting to provide additional safety for all footwear types in dry working environments. We supply our mats in a variety of sizes from 60cm x 90cm to 1.2m x 23m as standard. Our matting is also available in either black or black with a high visibility yellow strip.

We manufacture the base layer of our diamond tough comfort matting from a sponge rubber material. This serves to increase the compression of the mats for superior weight distribution and anti-fatigue properties. It also helps to reduce potential damage caused from dropped objects and falling as the sponge layer absorbs most of the impact. The top layer is manufactured from premium, reinforced vinyl. This provides excellent wear resistance, while also providing a sturdy walking surface.

The combination of the anti-fatigue construction with the anti-slip diamond pattern creates a matting that can increase safety in any working environment. We typically supply our diamond tough comfort matting for use in hard wearing industrial applications that require a reliable and durable flooring solution. The bevelled edges allow for easy access for wheelchairs and trolleys, while also greatly reducing the risk of tripping.


Application: Hard wearing industrial applications requiring a anti-fatigue & anti-slip matting
Product: Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Matting
Thickness: 14.3mm
Colour: Black, Black & Yellow

Potential Applications

  • Heavy duty industrial applications
  • Manufacturing & production lines
  • Workstations
  • Anti-slip walkways
  • Commercial entrances
  • Workshops & garages
  • Warehouse walkways

Technical Data

Standard Matting Sizes Thickness Specifications Values
60cm X 90cm 14.3mm Wear Resistance Wear resistant surface to level 3
60cm X 1m 14.3mm Anti-Fatigue Anti-fatigue protection to level 3
60cm X 23m 14.3mm Slip Resistance Slip resistance level 2
90cm X 1m 14.3mm Cut to Size Mats can be cut to bespoke sizes
90cm X 150cm 14.3mm Dry Area Suitable for use in dry areas
90cm X 300cm 14.3mm Heavy Areas Suitable for use in heavy use areas
90cm X 600cm 14.3mm
90cm X 23m 14.3mm
120cm X 1m 14.3mm
120cm X 23m 14.3mm
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