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Connectable Rubber Cushion Matting

Item Code: RC04136
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Key Features

  • Durable Rubber Construction
  • Quick & easy connection system
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Anti-slip texture surface
  • Good resistance
  • Anti-trip edging available

Product Description

Our connectable rubber cushion matting is a highly versatile flooring solution that combines durability and safety in a single package. The flexible construction of our matting provides outstanding anti-fatigue properties without compromising on usability. This helps to ensure user safety and comfort while supporting a variety of footwear as well as trolleys and wheelchairs. The top surface of our connectable cushion matting features a low-profile texture design. This helps to improve grip in both wet and dry environments. We supply our connectable cushion matting in 91cm x 91cm mats as standard. Each mat features male and female connectors around the outer perimeter for easy coverage of large areas. To improve safety and usability we can supply ramped edging, which easily connects to the matting for a secure fit. We can also produce the matting and edging in Black, Red and Yellow to create easily identifiable walkways and workstations.

We manufacture our connectable rubber cushion matting in a variety of grades and compounds in order to suit specific requirements. This ensures that you do not pay for material properties that you do not need.

Standard – Natural Rubber & Nitrile (25%)

As the name suggests, this standard grade is suitable for a wide variety of applications as well as working environments. Our standard version matting provides limited resistance to chemicals and oils.

ESD General Purpose Grade

Our general purpose ESD grade provides superior electrical resistance in order to meet IEC61340-4-1 specification. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of electrical component and switchboard applications.

Nitrile Rubber Compound

This manufacturing compound provides our matting with superior resistance against most industrial oils and chemicals while preserving anti-fatigue properties.

Flame Retardant Nitrile Grade

Our flame retardant grade of nitrile enhances our matting with superior resistance against fire and sparks. This unique feature makes these mats perfect for use in welding applications as well as fire sensitive environments.

Flame Retardant Nitrile with Abrasive Coating

This particular grade offers the same flame retardant properties as the previous grade with additional slip resistance. The coating enables our matting in order to provide excellent levels of grip even in extremely wet environments.

Flame Retardant ESD Nitrile Grade

Our flame retardant ESD nitrile grade combines excellent fire resistance with electro static dissipative properties. This provides unbeatable safety for virtually every industrial application.


Application: Anti-fatigue matting in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications
Product: Connectable Cushion Matting
Hardness (Shore A): 50° - 70°
Material: SBR, Nitrile
Colour: Black. With Black or Yellow Edging

Potential Applications

  • Industrial environments
  • Work stations
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Assembly lines
  • Gym and leisure applications 
  • Heavy equipment handling
  • Electrical component handling
  • Garage & workshops

Technical Data

Matting Sizes Thickness Specifications Values
Standard Matting Wear Resistance Wear resistant surface to Level 3
91cm x 91cm 16mm Anti-Fatigue Anti-fatigue protection to Level 3
All Other Grades Slip Resistance Slip resistance Level 3
91cm x 91cm 19mm Chemical Resistance Chemical resistant
Cut to Size Mats can be cut to bespoke sizes
Dry Area Suitable for use in dry areas
Heavy Areas Suitable for use in heavy use areas
Oil Area Suitable for use in oily and greasy areas
Welding Area Suitable for use in welding areas
Wet Area Suitable for use in wet areas
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