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Neoprene Rubber Slabs 30mm, 40mm, 50mm

Item Code: RC0337-SLAB
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Key Features

  • Heavy duty product
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Good weathering & Ozone resistance
  • Good inherent flame resistance
  • Versatile material
  • Resists rotting, checking, & cracking

Product Description

Our neoprene rubber slabs are a heavy duty material that provides good resistance as well as excellent physical properties for use in thick gaskets, machine mounting and wear pads. These thick neoprene slabs offer inherent flame resistance and good resistance against oil and fuel deterioration. Neoprene materials also display excellent rates of adhesion to a wide variety of fabrics and metals. This combination of properties create an incredibly versatile and dependable material. We supply our Neoprene slabs with a thickness of 30mm, 40mm or 50mm in 2m x 1m slabs as standard.

We typically supply our neoprene rubber slabs for use in machine mounting pads, wear strips, chock pads and protective padding. The physical properties of the thick neoprene slabs ensure that the material is able to withstand highly demanding applications where thinner neoprene sheets would quickly deteriorate. The natural weathering resistance found in neoprene also enable you to use the material in both interior and exterior applications with minimal maintenance.


Application: Heavy machine mounting, Durable wear strips, Thick gaskets
Product: Neoprene Rubber Slabs
Hardness (Shore A): 65°
Material: Neoprene / SBR
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Heavy machinery mounting pads
  • Thick gaskets
  • Durable wear strips
  • Construction industries
  • Padding, skirting & cushioning

Technical Data

Standard Roll Sizes Properties Values
30mm x 1m x 2m Compound CR / SBR
40mm x 1m x 2m Density [Specific Gravity] 1.40 g/cm2
50mm x 1m x 2m Tensile Strength 50 Kg/cm2
Elongation at Break 300%
Minimum Temperature -20°C
Maximum Temperature +80°C
Polymer Content 10%
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