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Silicone Sponge Profiles

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Key Features

  • Highly durable
  • Wide functioning temperature range
  • Air & water tight
  • Excellent Ozone & UV resistance
  • High quality materials
  • Range of densities available

Product Description

The Rubber Company offer a range of silicone sponge profiles in a variety of shapes, sizes and densities in order to suit any application. These products offer the same physical characteristics and properties as the solid silicone rubber alternatives but in a sponge format. We are able to produce almost all of our solid silicone range in a sponge format, which gives you greater choice and also ensures that you get the perfect product to match your unique requirements.

Silicone sponge offers some different characteristics compared to the solid alternative which makes them better suited to certain applications. Sealing applications in particular greatly benefit from the superior flexibility and compression that our sponge profiles offer. This is largely due to the sponge’s ability to change its shape to fill any area you use it in, which allows it to form a tight seal before returning to the profiles original shape after use.

We also offer a choice of densities for our silicone sponge profiles as standard. This gives you greater control over the type of sponge you want to use and also ensures that the product is fit for purpose. We offer a selection of:

P10 – 200kg per m3

P16 – 250kg per m3

P24 – 400kg per m3

P33 – 550kg per m3

Aside from the standard grade silicone sponge we also offer a choice of grades as a special offer. For food contact applications we offer an FDA grade approved sponge. We also offer a flame-retardant grade which is ideal for use in heating or exposed flame applications.


Application: Electrical enclosure seals, Insulation, Outdoor lighting gaskets, Door seals, Window seals, Vehicle seals, Decorative trim
Product: Sponge Extrusion
Hardness (Shore A): -
Material: Silicone Sponge
Colour: Any

Potential Applications

  • Electrical enclosure seals
  • Insulation
  • Outdoor lighting gaskets
  • Door seals
  • Window seals
  • Vehicle seals
  • Decorative trim

Technical Data

Density Hardness (Shore OO) Properties Values
P10 - 200kg /m3 35 ± 5º Minimum Temperature -60ºC
P16 - 250kg /m3 42 ± 5º Maximum Temperature +200ºC
P24 - 400kg /m3 65 ± 5º
P33 - 550kg /m3 80 ± 5º
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