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Natural Rubber Gaskets

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Key Features

  • High quality material
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to alcohols, ketones & organic acids
  • High tensile strength properties
  • Suitable for water contact
  • Good recovery properties
  • Food quality grades available
  • Wide selection of shore hardness’s

Product Description

We can manufacture natural rubber gaskets from a wide variety of different grades to suit your specific requirements. Natural rubber gasket compounds are well known for their superior physical properties compared to other rubber materials. Natural rubber combines excellent abrasion resistance with high tensile strength as well as good pressure recovery properties. These gaskets can also resist vibration in heavy machinery.

Aside from offering excellent physical properties, our natural rubber gaskets also provide good resistance in a number of areas. These gaskets are highly water-resistant as well as being tolerant to alcohols, acids and alkalis. Depending on the application, we can also provide highly specialised grades such as; food quality, shot Blast Rubber, tan Para Rubber and pure latex rubber.

The highly versatile nature of natural rubber enables you to use the gaskets in a wide variety of applications and environments. We regularly supply our natural rubber gaskets for use on low bolt loading flanges, and on pipes with poor quality flanges. However, as every requirement is different we are happy to work direct with you in order to ensure that you get the best possible gasket to suit your needs.

Material Grades

We can offer natural rubber gaskets in a wide variety of compounds and material grades to suit any application as well as working environment. Below is a list of the most popular natural rubber materials that we offer. You can also see the slight differences that each material provides.

Food Contact Grade

Our food contact grade natural rubber is available in white and fully conforms to FDA and EC standards. As the name suggests, it is suitable for use in food contact and food processing applications. We regularly supply this grade for use in the food and drink industries as it performs well when in contact with alcohols, moderate chemicals, ketones and organic acids. It is also suitable for use in pharmaceutical industries, as it able to withstand moderate temperatures.

Commercial/Economy Grade

Our commercial and economy grade natural rubber material provides a more cost efficient alternative to our higher grade materials. It is suitable for use in a wide range of light use applications. We produce this material from a blend of natural rubber and styrene butadiene. This enables us to maintain many of the physical properties found in standard natural rubber.

Para Natural Rubber

Our para natural rubber material features a high latex content and is generally tan in colour. This material typically has a lower shore hardness value (40° to 50°), which lends itself towards a more flexible gasket. We typically supply these gaskets for use in applications that require high wear resistance as well as higher acid resistance.

British Standard – BS1154

As the name suggests, our British standard natural rubber material conforms to BS1154:2003 specifications. This material is suitable for use in highly demanding applications and environments. This material is available in a range of shore hardness’s to suit your specific requirements. We typically supply this material for use in construction and high load bearing applications.

Shotblast Rubber

Our shotblast rubber material has been specifically developed to provide superior physical resistance compared to standard natural rubber. It is manufactured using a carbon filler, which serves to increase the hardness of the material. We typically supply this material for applications that require high pressure resistance and less flexibility.

Latex Rubber

Latex is the purest form of rubber, as a result it offers excellent physical properties. As latex is free from fillers it is able to provide high tensile strength and elasticity in a lightweight form factor. We would generally supply latex gaskets for use in high friction and vibration applications.

We recommend visiting the natural rubber sheeting section of our website. There you will be able to find more detailed information about each material as well as standard sizes and technical data sheets. Click here view our natural rubber sheeting materials.

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