silicone rubber gaskets

Silicone Rubber Gaskets

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Key Features

  • High quality material
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Good weathering, UV & Ozone resistance
  • Excellent sealing capabilities
  • Good durability & elasticity properties
  • Maintains flexibility in low temperatures
  • Food quality & other grades available
  • Wide selection of shore hardness’s

Product Description

We manufacture our silicone rubber gaskets from a high-quality solid silicone rubber compound. They feature an excellent operating temperature range, and are able to maintain flexibility and elasticity even in sub-zero temperatures. Silicone also provides good resistance to a wide variety of common chemicals. Our silicone gaskets are available in a wide variety of material grades to suit even the most specialised applications.

Aside from providing stability in extreme environments, our silicone rubber gaskets feature good fire, fungal growth, ageing and ozone resistance. Silicone gaskets also offer excellent tensile strength, elongation, tear resistance and compression set properties. These properties not only enable you to use silicone gaskets in a wide variety of applications, they also serve to increase the service life of the gaskets.

Due to the excellent operating temperature range of silicone, we regularly supply silicone gaskets for use in both hot and cold environments. The ozone and ageing resistance enable silicone rubber gaskets to be used in a wide range of outdoor applications. Silicone gaskets are also suitable for use in industrial and medical industries due to the chemical resistance the material provides.

Material Grades

Our silicone rubber gaskets are available in a wide range of material grades and shore hardness’s to suit even the most specific applications. It is always important to select the correct material and grade to suit your application and working environment. This will not only ensure that the gasket is able to function properly, but may also help to increase the service life of the gasket. We have included a list below of our most popular silicone gasket grades.

High Quality Silicone

High quality silicone is the most popular silicone compound that we offer. This material provides good sealing capabilities in both high and low temperatures. It also offers great durability as well resistance properties while also being non-toxic. This material is suitable for use in a wide range of applications and environments.

Food Contact Grade

Our food contact grade silicone is manufactured to conform to FDA standards. This grade has excellent heat and flame resistance while also providing very good ageing and weathering characteristics. We can also supply this silicone food quality rubber sheeting in a choice of colours: Translucent, White, Blue and Red to meet your specific requirements.

Metal Detectable Silicone

Metal detectable silicone is a high-quality, FDA approved material. As the name suggests, this particular gasket material contains additives that are visible to metal detector scanning equipment. This allows you to quickly and easily identify and remove any unwanted fragments from your products.

High Temperature Silicone

High temperature grade silicone provides many of the same resistance and mechanical properties found in our high grade silicone with the addition of a wider operating temperature range. This silicone gasket material is able to withstand many hours of use at 300°C as well as 315°C intermittently. Our high temperature silicone material is also fully FDA and EC complaint.

Fluorosilicone Material

Our fluorosilicone gasket material provides superior resistance to fules, oils, solvents and chemicals compared to our other silicone material grades. Fluorosilicone uses a modified silicone rubber which has been fluorinated which essentially “caps off” the polymer chains. This greatly increases the chemical resistance and improves use in applications where fuels, coolants and oils may be present.

Glass Reinforced Silicone

Glass reinforced silicone provides many of the same resistance properties found in high quality silicone with the addition of superior physical properties. This silicone gasket material offers superior durability and tear resistance for use in highly demanding applications, such as non-stretch gaskets and seals.

Conductive Silicone

Conductive silicone gaskets are manufactured with a carbon compound which enhances the material with superior electrical resistant properties. They also provide the same wide operating temperature range found in our other silicone material grades. We regularly supply these gaskets for use as a low amperage conductor or as protection against electrostatic discharge.

Flame Retardant Silicone

Our flame retardant silicone gaskets are manufactured to meet UL94V0, BS6853, Cal 1A as well as TS EN 45545-2 standards. This material is self-extinguishing as well as offering low smoke and low toxicity properties. We typically supply these gaskets for use in direct heat or fire contact applications.

You can visit the silicone sheeting section of our website for more information regarding our silicone rubber gaskets. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure which grade best suits your application. Our friendly and informative staff are on hand to ensure you always get the best material to suit your unique requirements. Click here view our silicone rubber sheeting materials.

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