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Viton Rubber Gaskets

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Key Features

  • Genuine Viton® material available
  • Outstanding hydrocarbon & chemical resistance
  • Excellent acid resistance
  • Good ozone resistance
  • Impermeable to gases
  • Excellent high temperature resistance
  • Wide selection of thicknesses available

Product Description

Our genuine Viton® and FKM gaskets are manufactured from fluoroelastomers, which results in a high-performance material for use in specialised applications. Viton rubber gaskets feature excellent thermal stability, particularly in high temperature environments. They are also highly resistant to hydrocarbon, chemical, fuel as well as oil deterioration. These properties alone make this one of the most popular gasket materials for use in automotive, aerospace and petrochemical industries.

Another key feature of viton rubber gaskets is the materials good compression resistance even in low temperatures. This makes it suitable for use when other, non-fluoroelastomers would become brittle. It also provides good resistance against atmospheric oxidation, ozone, fungus and mould. Furthermore, Viton® is an incredibly safe material. It offers good electrical insulation properties in low voltage, low frequency applications as well as low burning characteristics. This enables Viton® and FKM gaskets to maintain their durability even in hazardous environments.

We manufacture our viton rubber gaskets directly from the roll. This gives you complete control over the shape and size of the gasket. It also enables us to produce large format gaskets without joins. Our high-tech cutting machinery allows us to manufacture even the most complex gaskets with excellent accuracy.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure what gasket material would best suit your application. Our friendly and informative staff are on hand to ensure that you can always get the best gasket to match your unique requirements.

For more detailed information regarding our Viton® gasket material we recommend visiting the sheeting section of our website. Here you will be able to see standard material thicknesses as well as download material data sheets. Click here view our Viton® rubber sheeting materials.

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