solid silicone sheets

FDA Solid Silicone Sheets

Item Code: RC0323
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Key Features

  • FDA approved (FDA 21 CFR No: 177 – 2600 – EU1935/2004) for food contact
  • Wide functioning temperature range
  • Good durability & physical properties
  • Resistant to weathering, UV and Ozone damage
  • Highly versatile
  • Great sealing capabilities
  • Adhesive backed option available
  • Easy cut to size
  • Wide variety of thicknesses available

Product Description

Our range of solid silicone sheets are the perfect product for applications which require good sealing capabilities in both high and low temperatures. We can offer this particular product in a wide range of hardness, thickness, backing as well as colour options. This ensures that you get the perfect product to suit your needs.

Silicone offers great durability as well resistance properties while also being incredibly non-toxic and pure. It also has excellent electrical insulation and good release properties. These qualities make our solid silicone sheets the obvious choice for use in sensitive applications.

Aside from being non-toxic and non-transferring our solid silicone sheets also feature a broad temperature range. Unlike PVC, silicone is able to maintain its useful properties in sub-zero temperatures.

We supply this silicone food quality rubber sheeting in a choice of colours: Translucent, White, Blue and Red to meet your specific requirements. You also have a choice in the sheet thickness from 1.0mm to 20mm to ensure you get the perfect product for your application.


Application: Gaskets, Strips, Washers, Oven seals, Construction, Electrical insulation
Product: Solid sheet
Hardness (Shore A): 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°
Material: Silicone
Colour: Translucent, Black, White, Blue, Red Oxide

Potential Applications

  • Gaskets, strips & seals
  • Electrical insulation
  • Construction industries
  • Heating and Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Marine sealing applications
  • Automotive seals & insulation

Technical Data

Shore Hardness Tensile Strength Tear Strength Elongation Break Point
30° 8 MPa 16 N/mm 500%
40° 9 MPa 23 N/mm 525%
50° 9 MPa 18 N/mm 450%
60° 10 MPa 22 N/mm 400%
70° 10 MPa 20 N/mm 320%
80° 7 MPa 17 N/mm 215%
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