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Ultra Thin Silicone Film

Item Code: RC0323-FILM
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Key Features

  • High quality product
  • Good strength and durability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Resistant to weathering, UV and Ozone damage
  • Highly flexible
  • Wide functioning temperature range
  • Non-toxic

Product Description

Our ultra thin silicone film is a high quality, translucent sheeting product. Despite being incredibly thin, these films are highly elastic, with low modulus, high specific resistivity and high dielectric strength. The film is available in widths of 250mm and is sold by the linear metre up to a maximum roll length of 50m. We can supply a variety of thicknesses from 0.02mm to 0.4mm. This gives you greater control and ensures that you get the perfect product to suit your unique specifications.

Thin silicone film gives you many of the useful properties found in standard silicone products, in a thin form factor. This product features a wide functioning temperature range from -45°C to +200°C. Our sheets are chemically inert and provide good resistance to weathering, UV and Ozone damage. They are also highly permeable to both gas and water vapour.


Application: Generator technology, Sensor technology, Food packing, Technical textiles, Industrial applications
Product: Ultra Thin Film
Hardness (Shore A): 27°
Material: Silicone
Colour: Clear

Potential Applications

  • Dielectric medium in actuator technology
  • Generator technology
  • Sensor technology
  • Food packing
  • Technical textiles
  • Industrial applications

Technical Data

Properties Values
Tensile Strength 6,0 N/mm2
Elongation at Break 450%
Tear Strength 10 N/mm
Glass Transition Temperature -126°C
Operating Temperature -45°C to +200°C
Gas Permeability (selectively) CO2 /N2 10:1
Water Vapor Permeability at 20 μm 3000 g/m2/24h
Water Vapor Permeability at 50 µm 1200 g/m2/24h
Water Vapor Permeability at 100 µm 800 g/m2/24h
Compression Set (22h, 100°C) 5%
Permittivity 2,8 ε
Dielectric Strength 80 - 100 V/µm
Volume Resistivity 1014 Ω cm
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