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Orange Open Cell Sponge

Item Code: RC02113
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Key Features

  • High quality material
  • Heat resistant up to 80°C
  • Elastic up to 40°C
  • Lightweight & highly flexible
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Many densities & thicknesses available

Product Description

Our orange open cell sponge sheets are hugely popular for use in packaging and transportation applications which gives this product the name post office sponge. It is manufactured from high quality natural rubber, which gives this product unique features compared to standard sponge products. We are able to supply this product in a wide variety of densities, pore structures and sizes in order to suit your unique requirements.

This product is designed to be as absorbent as possible, while the orange open cell sponge structure helps the material to hold any potential liquid within it. This feature is particularly important in packaging applications as it helps to prevent damage or spillages from affecting other objects protected by the sponge sheets.

We are able to produce this product in a variety of formats to match your needs. We often get requests for this product in: sheets, gaskets, strips, rolls, pads, seals and discs to name a few. The highly versatile nature of this product enables you to use it in a variety of applications. We also offer a wide choice of material densities from 160 to 500kg/m3. Each density offers its own unique properties. We always suggest consulting the material spec sheet in order to ensure you select the appropriate density for your application.


Material: Natural Rubber Sponge
Application: Labelling, Wet applications, Pottery packaging, Vacuum lifting seals, Transportation protection, Protective packaging
Product: Sponge sheet
Resistance to: Ozone, Heat up to 80°C
Colours: Orange as standard, Red and Green available as a special order

Potential Applications

  • Production rollers
  • Wet & damp environments
  • Delicate product packaging
  • Vacuum lifting seals
  • Physiotherapy & rehabilitation equipment
  • Upholstery & textile manufacturing
  • Construction industries

Material Conversion Possibilities

Here at The Rubber Company we can utilise a variety of sponge rubber conversion tools and techniques. This enables us to cut, shape, drill, join and laminate our materials to match your exact requirements. Rubber sponge materials are manufactured in large blocks, so it is necessary to convert these blocks into usable end products. Our dedicated team can work directly with you every step of the way. This ensures that we use the best methods in order to achieve your desired shape and finish.

Technical Data

Density Pore Size Weight
500 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 1400 ± 10mm 37kg
350 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 1380 ± 55mm 30kg
300 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 1380 ± 55mm 32kg
270 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 1380 ± 55mm 30kg
270 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 1270 ± 55mm 30kg
250 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 1820 ± 75mm 42kg
250 Kg/m3 25 – 120 /cm 1820 ± 75mm 42kg
200 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 2120 ± 75mm 40kg
200 Kg/m3 25 – 120 /cm 2120 ± 75mm 40kg
200 Kg/m3 25 – 120 /cm 1270 ± 75mm 36kg
160 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 2120 ± 75mm 35kg
160 Kg/m3 25 – 120 /cm 2120 ± 75mm 37kg
160 Kg/m3 10 – 40 /cm 2120 ± 75mm 35kg
160 Kg/m3 10 – 40 /cm 1270 ± 55mm 26kg
130 Kg/m3 60 – 300 /cm 2120 ± 75mm 30kg
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