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HypaBond 2 Contact Adhesive

Item Code: RC13101
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Key Features

  • High performance adhesive
  • Curing agent for quicker curing times
  • Suitable for a variety of bond strengths
  • Bonds rubber & rubber coated fabrics
  • Simple & easy to apply

Product Description

Spread Rate: 2.5m2 per litre

HypaBond 2 is a high-quality as well as high-performance neoprene contact adhesive. You can use it as a single or two part adhesive, depending on the materials and bond strength you require. For the best results and quickest curing times we always suggest using the Hypabond 2 curing agent. Using Hypabond you can bond a wide range of rubbers and rubber coated fabrics including:  neoprene, hypalon, natural rubber, etc. It is also suitable for use on inflatable constructions such as life rafts, dinghies and high-speed inflatable RIBs.

You can also use our Hypabond 2 Contact Adhesive in the manufacture of dry and wet suites. This is because the adhesive enables the rubber and nylon coated fabrics to bond to themselves. Depending on the application you may also want to use Hypabond as a single component adhesive. This is suitable for many purpose applications for bonding materials such as Formica, Melamine and laminates to wood, metal.


Colour: Light straw
Appearance: Liquid
Solids Content: 22% (approx.)
Specific Gravity: 0.87 (approx.)
Chemical Type: Polychloroprene rubber, Synthetic resin
Solvent: Hydrocarbons and ketones
Flammability: High
Pot Life (mixed): 4 hours (approx.)

Potential Applications

  • High strength bonding
  • Inflatable marine crafts
  • Rubber coated fabrics
  • Bonding laminated plastics
  • Fixing rubber sheeting & matting
  • Metal bonding
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