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Foam Tapes

Item Code: RC02127
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Key Features

  • Single & double sided options available
  • Open & closed cell grades
  • A wide range of materials available
  • Available in: soft, medium & firm densities
  • Thicknesses ranging from 0.4mm to 40mm
  • Available in a wide selection of colours

Product Description

We offer a wide range of single and double sided foam tapes. Our Foam Tapes are available in open or closed cell grades and in the following materials: PVC, PE, EPDM, PU and Neoprene. Foam Tapes can be supplied in soft, medium and firm densities with thicknesses from as thin as 0.4mm and in a range of colours.

To be effective the foam must have a degree of compression, usually 30% of the overall thickness.

Single sided foam tapes can be used for water, air or dust sealing applications, for cushioning and to protect or to gap fill. It can be supplied in logs, rolls, bobbins, pads, discs, sheets, washers, gaskets, or die cut custom shapes.

Double sided foam tapes can be used in joining, cushioning, protection or mounting applications. The wide range of materials makes it suitable for many industries including automotive, aerospace, signage, white goods, HVAC, rail, building and construction.

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