snow plough rubber sheeting

Snow Plough Rubber Sheeting

Item Code: RC0346
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Key Features

  • Outstanding resistance to hydrocarbons and chemicals
  • Excellent Ozone resistance
  • Impermeable to gases
  • Excellent resistance to acids
  • Wide range of thicknesses available
  • Smooth finish

Product Description

Snow Plough Rubber sheeting must be manufactured to be able to withstand strong abrasive uses. This means that we must use high quality abrasion resistant sheeting to produce this product. It is perfect for use in high friction applications where the material is under frequent or constant wear and tear. The sheeting features a heavy-duty fabric layer on one side which serves to reinforce the material and reduce deterioration during use.

This rubber sheeting in particular is commonly used in cold weather applications such as; snow plough rubbers, scraper blades and wipers as well as hard chute lining. The excellent properties of this material also allows for it to be used in a wide variety of applications with great ease.


Application: High abrasion applications, Shotblast sheeting, Skirting rubber, Snow plough scraper
Product: Snow Plough Rubber Sheeting
Hardness (Shore A): 60°
Material: Natural Rubber
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Snow plough vehicles
  • Scraper blades & wipers
  • Hard chute lining
  • Local authorities & councils
  • Construction industries
  • High abrasion applications

Technical Data

Properties Values
Roll Length 5m
Roll Width 1.4m
Density (Specific gravity) 1.17 g/cm2
Tensile Strength 115 kg/cm2
Elongation at Break 450%
Tear Strength 30 kg/cm
Abrasion Resistance 120 mm3
Compression Set (22hrs @ 70°C) 30%
Minimum Temperature -25°C
Maximum Temperature +70°C
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