commercial natural rubber sheeting

Commercial Natural Rubber Sheeting

Item Code: RC0324
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Key Features

  • Cost efficient sheeting
  • Highly versatile
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Wide functioning temperature range
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a variety of formats

Product Description

Our Commercial Natural Rubber sheeting is the perfect product to use in many general-purpose applications. Due to its versatile nature it is one of our top selling natural rubber sheeting products. It is available in a few different formats from rolls and sheet to gaskets and seals.

Applications for this product include packaging and protecting flooring, it is even used as a work bench cover. As long as the product is not placed under duress the product can be used in many applications.


Application: Light use applications where the material will not be put under much stress
Product: General Purpose Sheeting
Hardness (Shore A): 65°
Material: Natural Rubber / SBR
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Packing protection
  • Light impact protection
  • Gaskets & seals
  • Flooring
  • Worktop covers

Technical Data

Standard Roll Sizes Tolerance Properties Values
0.5mm x 1.4m x 10m +/- 0.2mm Compound NR / SBR
1mm x 1.4m x 10m +/- 0.2mm Density (Specific Gravity) 1.50 g/cm2
1.5mm x 1.4m x 10m +/- 0.3mm Hardness (Shore A) 65º
3mm x 1.4m x 10m +/- 0.3mm Tensile Strength 3 N/mm2
4mm x 1.4m x 10m +/- 0.4mm Elongation at Break 250%
5mm x 1.4m x 10m +/- 0.4mm Tear Resistance 10.5 kg/cm
6mm x 1.4m x 10m +/- 0.5mm Compression Set (22hrs @ 70°C) 43%
8mm x 1.4m x 5m +/- 0.7mm Minimum Temperature -20°C
10mm x 1.4m x 5m +/- 1mm Maximum Teperature +70°C
15mm x 1.4m x 5m +/- 1mm
20mm x 1.4m x 5m +/- 1.4mm
25mm x 1.4m x 5m +/- 1.75mm
32mm x 1m x 1m -
38mm x 1m x 1m -
40mm x 1m x 1m -
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