m fenders

M Fenders

Item Code: RC0818
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Key Features

  • High quality moulded construction
  • Secure Triple-leg attachment
  • Flexible to follow contour of bow or stern
  • Heavy duty impact protection
  • Good energy absorption
  • Excellent gripping surface
  • Wide variety of sizes & lengths available

Product Description

Our M Fenders combine excellent impact absorption properties with high flexibility in an easy to install format. A key advantage that M type fenders have over other fenders is the triple leg design. The attachment method ensures good contact as well as secure installation even on small radii. This enables our M fenders to follow the contours of the bow and stern of a variety of vessel sizes. The large bore design also allows for superior rates of compression. This enables our M type fenders to absorb a wide range of impacts and weights without tearing. We can supply M fenders in a variety of sizes with widths from 400mm to 600mm and lengths of up to 2000mm. This ensures that you are always able to get the ideal protection in order to suit your specific application.

We manufacture M type fenders using a compression moulding method. This ensures that each fender is produced to a high standard and tolerances remain minimal between each fender. We use a high quality, highly durable rubber in order to ensure that our fenders are suitable to withstand repeated impacts. The groove design on the top of our M fenders provides excellent levels of grip. This can be particularly important for pushing applications. Installation is also very quick and requires no special tools. Simply thread the fixing pin through the installation holes and secure in place using bolts.


Application: Impact absorption & protection for marine applications
Product: M Type Fenders
Hardness (Shore A): 70°
Material: -
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Tugboats
  • Workboats
  • Pontoon & Quay protection
  • Corner fenders
  • RoRo ramp ends
  • Low clearance bridges
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