facade rubber seals

Facade Rubber Seals

Item Code: RC-FACADE
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Key Features

  • High quality rubber seals
  • Many sealing profiles available as standard
  • Bespoke manufacturing available
  • Retrofit & refurbishment
  • Wide selection of material compounds & grades
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications

Product Description

The Rubber Company can provide an extensive range of rubber glazing seals, weather seals as well as fixing profiles for a number of applications. Our facade rubber seals are suitable for use in a wide range of applications and environments. We have a wide selection of facade seals available as standard, with quick lead times. We can also manufacture bespoke gaskets, seals and pads to match your exact requirements, subject to minimum order quantities.

Our facade rubber seals are suitable for the construction of modern buildings as well as the restoration of old buildings. Many existing structures which were constructed in the 70’s and 80’s may have been fitted with older style facade seals. These older seals may have been manufactured with materials or profiles which have been superseded by newer, more efficient profiles. In many cases the older seals are well past their useful service life. This can greatly reduce the efficiency of the seal while also compromising on the safety of the structure. Since the production of facade seals began there have been many advancements in materials and manufacturing capabilities. Our new facade seals can provide far superior energy efficiency as well as a longer service life.

We regularly work directly with architects, building owners, developers and engineers from across the globe. Our dedicated team can work directly with you from the initial design process through to bulk manufacturing. This ensures that our facade rubber seals perfectly suit the structure and panels.

Common Facade Seal Materials


EPDM is often the first-choice material for use in facade seal systems due to its excellent weathering resistance. It also combines good mechanical properties with high rates of elongation and flexibility. This enables our EPDM glazing seals to function in a wide variety of applications and environments.


Silicone is widely known for its superb high temperature resistance as well as being incredibly stable. This makes it the ideal choice for use in highly specialised applications. It also available in a wide selection of colours as well as FDA standard grades.

Despite EPDM and silicone being the most common facade seal materials we understand that they might not suit your application. We can manufacture from virtually any compound from rubber to thermoplastic elastomers in order to match your unique requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for more information regarding our facade seals.


Application: Buildings with large or multiple windows & panels
Product: Facade Rubber Seals
Hardness (Shore A): Dependant on application
Material: EPDM, Silicone, TPE
Colour: Black as standard

Potential Applications

  • Large office buildings
  • Shop fronts & shopping centres
  • Leisure & sports centres
  • Museums & art galleries
  • Flats & tower blocks
  • Schools & universities
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